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How to buy these cheap coins right now

Since we've all been goxxed now is the time to buy those $50-60 coins floating around and profit from everybody else's misery. Or you could wait for Gox to come back online and crash down the price even further but good luck trying to do any trading there to buy coins, the trading engine is already broken I don't expect the new one to work flawlessly due to epic 3yr history of GOXXING
To pay into this exchange, you need a BTC-E code, PM or Okpay. Take pics of your ID and utility bill and pay the $10 to Okpay for 'quick verification'. You can pay bitcoins directly into your Okpay account for initial funding or wait and see how long it takes for reg verification.
Now either wire money, or instant money transfer (MoneyPolo, Contact-sys, Unistream) to fund your account or find an Okpay exchanger somewhere. Or Ukash/CashU. Just because contact-sys is Russian doesn't mean there aren't sending points in every country in the world.
BTC-E codes you buy on #bitcoin-otc from verified gpg authenticated traders with good ratings, or on bitcointalk.org forums in the currency exchange forums.
Perfect Money is a shady HYIP digital currency run by Russians much like Liberty Reserve. You sign up for free, and load your account with wires (if verified) or you use an exchanger. This is what talkgold.com is for to find legit exchangers. I use wm-center.com to wire WU/Moneygram and get PM. Click on 'Interkassa' payment method in BTC-E and select Perfect Money. Instant load.
You can also obviously dump Litecoins you bought on Vircurex to fund the account, or a gagillion PPcoins
Fastest way to deposit is through CapitalOne P2P or cash deposit https://bitfloor.com/docs/#funding-deposit
Be aware Bitfloor is insolvent due to owing 25k bitcoins that were stolen last year but they have a repayment schedule that may or may not bankrupt them. Use at own risk but most ppl trade there everyday with no problems.
Great exchange in Slovakia? I think. You have to pay with Euro SEPA wire, then for some stupid reason they convert the money to USD. You can pay in here using transferwise.com if you're from UK, or XEtrade and other Forex online money transfer companies. Google 'free money transfer fx' and review your options. Most don't charge you anything if over a certain amount of money. They take your internet billing or other local payment, convert to EUR and send SEPA for you if you request it. If they don't then check with Bitstamp what a SWIFT wire costs (probably nothing, I think they use Latvian banks that charge no receiving fees). If you want a bank account in Latvia then sign up here: http://www.rietumu.com/ if you have a local corporation or business where you live you can, maybe a personal account too. You can always incorporate a dirt cheap Delaware LLC or Oregon LLC from anywhere in the world and use it to open up worldwide bank accounts.
Takes direct wires, all sorts of other methods: https://bitcoin-24.com/fees You can also use Liqpay if you have a USD or EUR card. Sign up to liqpay.com, then they block a small verification amount you have to sign into internet banking (for the card) to check. It's usually $1.something or less. After that you are verified to load $1-100 or so, but I'd just try $50 at first. Any more than that and Liqpay will seize the funds and ask for your bank to authorize a fax they send which no bank will do because of privacy reasons, so pointless to load anymore money. Liqpay may also call you to verify card details this is normal. Liqpay is meant for Russians and CIS countries to use like Ukraine so due to epic fraud of credit cards don't expect to load too much this way unless you find a Liqpay exchanger, but what's the point when you can just wire money to bitcoin-24 anyways.
Good exchange, had some problems due to DDoS but so did all exchanges. They only accept BTC, altcoins and VouchX for payment. You buy Vouchx here: https://www.aurumxchange.com/ or from somebody on Bitcointalk, or IRC (with rep). You can buy a bunch of litecoins anywhere to fund this exchange such as the bitcointalk forums or IRC. Warning: the so-called official twitter account is fake, don't use it.
Can only fund if in Canada, they accept cash deposit and internet billing. Price has been steady at ~$90 all day though no panic selling.
https://www.libertybit.com/funding various easy methods, new exchange in Canada that takes intl wires and shockingly Interac deposits (easily frauded).
Bitcoin China
https://btcchina.com/ fast growing exchange, you pay in with Alipay or Tenpay both Chinese methods that westerners can't use or figure out due to no translation. You can probably use Alipay if you find and exchanger to load it, they do exist. **Edit they now support Liberty Reserve deposit and withdrawal
Check english forums to see if anybody exchanging Alipay or taking wires.
Accepts money orders, and CapitalOne P2P payments. Also accepts Dwolla but you need to be verified.
Just had a major outage due to instawallet hack, appears to be back online. You get your own quasi-bank account when you verify here much like how ecardone.com (liberty reserve) does banking so can transfer to other users legally with vouchers. You can buy a voucher p2p on Bitcointalk forums or IRC or send a bankwire.
You can pay with Paypal to get Second Life "Linden Dollars" then convert to BTC, or at least you used to be able to. I have no idea if this is still the case I've never used them.
Or course there's all the fixed price exchangers
https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Trade and https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=53.0 for everything from Moneypak to Skrill. You can also risk buying coins on Silk Road with moneypak
==============R U L E S ================================
Enjoy buying all the way down the crash once Gox comes back online and the great sell off begins! Hold them for a year and they'll be worth 10x as much just like the 2011 crash. Bonus points if you speculate on Litecoin, rumor has it Gox will be trading them when they come back online but again, this is MtGox we are talking about so the site could implode on the zerg rush of people trying to get into their accounts or trading engine could sell all your coins for $0.0001 again like they did in 2011.
Great successez!
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As requested: I trade bitcoins on a regular basis, AMA

in response to: http://www.reddit.com/IAmA/comments/holkw/ama_request_someone_who_trades_in_bitcoins_on_a/
I've been trading bitcoins for a while now, I bought my first 400 BTC back when the prices were around 0.20/USD per BTC.
Didn't know this subject was so interesting, but anyway, AMA.
Edit: I have to go attend a lecture in about 30 mins but I'll be back on later this afternoon! I had no idea there was such an interest in bitcoins! Anyway, if you have burning questions that need to be answered while I'm gone, you can always hit up #bitcoin-otc or #bitcoin on freenode IRC. See you guys in a few hours!
edit #2: I'm back... trying to get caught up... seems that a lot of people don't know what bitcoin is, so I'll add this link that will hopefully clear things up: http://www.weusecoins.com/
edit #3: Verification... ok, so someone wanted verification... I have clearsigned the post asking for verification using my GPG key here: http://pastebin.com/nxNRmegA
I used the gpg key I use for bitcoin-otc: http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewgpg.php You'll notice I"m user 23... they swapped to a new gpg system back in march... If you look at my rating, you'll see my first was back in december of 2010... before the new ratings came along and bitcoin exploded, my gpg key was registered with the OLD system... which was just listed in the wiki: http://wiki.bitcoin-otc.com/wiki/User_GPG_keys
Anyway, my nickname (nick2day) is also the same nickname I use for btc stuff... so it should be fairly easy to verify everything with the information I've given...
Does that work?
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Electrum 2.2 Released

Download here: https://electrum.org/#download - release notes
If you download an executable you can validate its signature like this:
First: Install GPG https://gpgtools.org/installeindex.html
Next: add the key of Animazing (https://bitcoin-otc.com/viewgpg.php?nick=Animazing)
$ gpg --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys 0x9914864dfc33499c6ca2beea22453004695506fd 
Finally: verify the executable matches, for example the dmg
$ gpg --verify electrum-2.2.dmg.asc 
If it warns you about a signature not being trusted, it just means you know Animazing signed it but you don't know if he can be trusted
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Thinking about rebranding my store as a bitcoin store

Dear reddit,
I'm the owner of a small internet cafe in Los Angeles that accepts bitcoin (one of the first companies in LA to do so). I'm also the storeowner guy in the "Rise and Rise of Bitcoin", if you've ever seen that documentary. My company proudly sponsored LA Global Reddit meetup day in 2014 and 2013.
Anyway, it turns out the income from my current cash cow, 8x10 headshots, is falling PRECIPITOUSLY and my company is losing money. :( I'm toying with the idea of rebranding my store as a "bitcoin store" where people can come in and do bitcoin-related activities. I am not sure what exactly that will entail though. But for starters, I'm getting bitcoin atm from CoinCloud who is installing an atm for me at no charge in exchange for for a percentage of the income (although we are still working on the details of the deal). But I need to come up with other ideas as well.
Ideas I'm toying with:
Localbitcoins activity seems really high these days so I figured there might be unfulfilled needs in the bitcoin community that can served by having a bitcoin-friendly physical storefront. So I'm throwing this message out on reddit-land to get anyone's perspective. The thing is is that I spent the last 7 years of my life working on this company, and I really don't want to see this thing go.
Does anyone have any ideas of things I can try or something you would want in a bitcoin business?
Authentication stuff:
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Electrum 2.3 Released

Download here: https://electrum.org/#download - release notes
If you download an executable you can validate its signature like this:
First: If you don't have GPG, install it via https://gpgtools.org/installeindex.html
Next: add the key of Animazing (https://bitcoin-otc.com/viewgpg.php?nick=Animazing)
$ gpg --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys 0x9914864dfc33499c6ca2beea22453004695506fd 
Finally: verify the executable matches, for example the dmg
$ gpg --verify electrum-2.3.dmg.asc 
It will probably warn you about a signature not being trusted after it says "Good signature". The signature being good doesn't mean you know everything about who Animazing is, or even if this signature is his. It should be safe enough but make your own decisions and compile it yourself if you prefer.
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Iconomi #otc channel open for participation

A group of ICN aficionados opened up the #otc channel on the Iconomi slack. If you are interested in the purchase or sell of higher amounts of ICN token come and pay us a visit.
Please be sure to read our #otc guideline before engaging in any kind of trade.
Iconomi OTC Guideline
This guideline will cover best practice procedures to help you initiate OTC buys and sells via the Iconomi slack channel #otc.
The Iconomi OTC channel is not maintained by any current or past founder or employee of the Iconomi company. All buy and sell offers are based on a private arrangement between a selling party, a buying party and if applicable an escrow, accepted by buy and sell side.
Please be aware that OTC deals can inherit substantial financial risks, which might eventually lead to the loss of your assets. Always do your own due diligence, before initiating an OTC trade. Be aware that the buy, sell and/or escrow party might have bad intentions.
Why should you consider an OTC trade?
For many crypto investors, there is substantial practical difference between OTC and major exchanges. Improvements in electronic quotation and trading have facilitated higher liquidity and better information. However, there are reasons an OTC sale might better suit your needs. On an exchange, every party is exposed to offers by every other counterparty, which is not the case in the Iconomi OTC channel. Here are a few reasons you could benefit from an otc trade.
Trading a substantial sum of ICN token against FIAT or another crypto currency will most likely result in a notable slippage of the price. OTC trades are usually arranged on a fixed price per token and since being a private trade have no immediate effect on the current market price
As of now, ICNs major crypto exchange does not support the direct trading of ICN token against FIAT currency. If you wish to cash out your ICN savings into FIAT you will have to take a detour by trading against BTC or ETH first.
For some citizens, private OTC trades might have a positive effect on the declaration of their taxable crypto incomes. Depending on the country you reside, OTC trades could be regarded as a private equity deal which might free you from potential tax obligations.
What forms of OTC trades are supported?
Via our otc channel, you can initiate one of the following forms of trade:
ICN to Crypto OTC trade If you decide to exchange a sizable amount of ICN token for another crypto currency an escrow on the otc channel can help you with the arrangement of the trade. Buy, sell and escrow party will either publicly or privately agree on a buy price and the currency the ICN token will get traded for. After the decision on the buying price and the escrow fee, the escrow will collect crypto assets from the buy and sell side. The escrow wallet addresses of both crypto currencies are known to all parties of the trade. Once all crypto transfers have been collected by the escrow, the escrow will declare the completion of the deal and send the balance of both currencies, minus the escrow fee to the addresses provided by buy and sell side.
Should at any time either buy or sell side decide to not further pursuit the OTC trade, the escrow will refund all collected crypto assets to their originating owners.
Arrangements of the trade should cover the following items:
Risks: Make sure to always select an escrow with a high reputation. Also be aware that scammers might try to impersonate the identity of a well know escrow. Start with smaller OTC trades to limit your potential losses and as always, use your brain....
ICN to FIAT OTC trade OTC trades of FIAT currencies for ICN token can be initiated on a pay as paid basis, supported by an selected escrow. After the decision on the buying price and the escrow fee, the escrow will collect ICN token from the sell side. After the escrow confirmed the ICN token transfer, the buy side will initiate a bank transfer of the funds agreed upon to the sell side. After the attestation of received funds from the sell side, the escrow will send the balance of ICN token, minus escrow fees to the address provided by the buy side. The trade is now officially settled.
Should the sell side claim to not have received the agreed upon amount of funds, the escrow will ask the buy side for a proof of remittance. The buy side can prove the FIAT transfer by providing one or all of the following :
If the escrow sufficiently determines that the bank transfer has been completed as agreed upon by buy and sell side, he will release the ICN token to the wallet of the sell side. If the escrow comes to the conclusion that the funds, agreed upon have not been either partly or entirely transferred to the sell side, the escrow will issue a full or proportional refund of the ICN token back to wallet address of the sell side.
Risks: Additionally to the risks which come along with a crypto to crypto OTC sale be aware that scammers have become more and more resourceful when it comes to scamming people. If you are the sell side, make sure that the bank transfer has been completely cleared by your bank. Make sure that your funds cannot be retransferred by the buy side. Please also keep in mind, that bank transfers can take a long time until they become finally cleared by the receiving bank, especially if it is an international transfer. Buyer and seller should agree on a time frame, the transaction should be processed by.
When trading ICN for reversible methods (such as paypal or credit card transactions), beware of chargeback risk. It is strongly recommended to avoid PayPal, credit card or other 4th party transactions with persons of unknown reputation, since even with escrow, your counterparty may chargeback the PayPal or CC funds after receiving the ICN.
Trust your instincts and cancel the deal if you do not feel completely comfortable.
In case of dispute, it is a advisable to have a double-gpg-signed contract prior to the transaction. This way, if any party claims non-receipt of funds to an address, incorrect price, or other issues, you have a gpg-signed contract you can lean on. Of course, this won't help you if you have run into a scammer who is just out to take the money and run, but it will be helpful in case of a legitimate dispute between honest parties. Some suggested items to include in your contract text (complete list may vary depending on nature of the transaction): Amount of ICN token involved Amount of other currency/goods involved Price per token Who bears the transaction fees, both on bitcoin-side and the other side The deadline for completion of contract ETH address for funds receipt Other currency processor address for funds receipt
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Bitcoin enables interesting new forms of commerce. Two examples.

Today, I paid a programmer I never met before a small amount of BTC to create some scripts for me. This is of course possible with other payment methods but possible != likely. Paypal could have been used but can it or its users be fully trusted? Bitcoin on the other hand is like cash. You know it's good. It's instant and it means you can quickly prove if you're the real deal no matter which side you're on. The programmer didn't have to worry about if I would file a dispute or change my mind later. I have the scripts and they have the coin. Commerce!
Last week, I participated in a live IRC auction for ads on the bitcointalk.org forum. The process was as exciting as it was simple. The auctioneer stated what the item was and we bid in real time. Once bidding slowed down there was a time warning and "Sold!" The winner paid immediately and we moved onto the next auction. No sign up was required and the seller didn't have to trust/vet the buyers. If a winner didn't pay, the auction could have been immediately re-run. Knowing this, who would attempt to game an auction?
What I want to convey with these two examples is that in each case the process would have required much more setup and care to be successful without Bitcoin. If you look at it a certain way, we have a far stronger and more capable economy than the rest of the world. Congratulations for being a part of it at such an early stage.
Edit: In regards to the trust issues, I forgot to mention the bitcoin-otc web of trust. It is a system based on GPG whereby users are rated on their past transactions. It's already had significant use and as this economy is getting started, adds value to each transaction. Programmers, buyers, and auctioneers can all be rated and their risk evaluated in a very transparent way. Current stats:
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Let's talk about Mass Adoption

I see this phrase a lot: "Bitcoin needs mass adoption." It's used quite often. I told a coworker who isn't involved in Bitcoin about it and he said, "I read that as banks hijacking Bitcoin for the masses."
Bitcoin brings bartering back to a peer-to-peer system, rather than the mega-store shopping experience to which most Americans are accustomed. When I first entered Bitcoin I bought a Raspberry-Pi off of #bitcoin-otc using nanotube's Web of Trust. Basically I announced I was looking for an r-pi, and the user a5m0 eventually got back to me. We went into a private channel and set up the deal, 3.2 BTC for the raspberry-pi 0.2 BTC for shipping. I then asked for escrow so he brought another user Azelphur into the room and said "He'll generate an address for escrow." For a second I freaked out. My thoughts were, "I don't know any of these people. The transaction is irreversible what if he scams me? What if both of these users are in cahoots together to scam me?" After gaining some composure, I took the leap of faith, trusting in these two internet strangers, only identifiable by their GPG keys. I send the money to Azelphur's address, we part ways, and the waiting begins.
A few days later I get home from work, and I see an IRC message in my bouncer, a5m0 gave me a tracking number. A few days later mailman arrives with my rapsberry-pi. It was a great feeling, I trusted in my fellow man to do the right thing when he wasn't obligated otherwise, and fulfilled his contractual obligations. I hopped on IRC sent Azelphur a signed GPG message stating to release the escrow funds, and voila the transaction was complete.
The point of this story is that Bitcoin creates a new burden of proof for individuals opting into a contract with each other. With things like the Web of Trust, you can decide for yourself if an unknown person is trustworthy to you, but in the end the trust lies within yourself - you must decide how much you trust your fellow man. After hundreds of successful contracts you may become well acquainted with a few individuals, and have full faith in them. It takes time to build these relationships - trust isn't built overnight. A mass exodus of people into Bitcoin may bring more money into the space, but the relationships still have to be built. These newcomers will still have to prove their trustworthiness. They will have to prove they can fulfill contractual obligations.
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Monday Monero Missives (weekly report) - October 6th, 2014

Original post is here
Monero Monday Missives
October 6th, 2014
Hello, and welcome to our thirteenth Monero Monday Missive! You'll notice a slight change in name - as of today we will be putting out a Missive every Monday. We want to start shifting the Missive from an announcement platform to a "week in review" platform. Traditionally the Missives have been a place for announcements, but all that is about to change.
Major Updates
1. We are happy to announce the launch of the official Monero forum. You can find it at https://forum.monero.cc
Instead of using something existing and off-the-shelf we wrote our own. There were several reasons for this, but the primary reason is that there is functionality we required that simply does not exist in existing forum software. Additionally, the nature of forums has hardly changed in well over 20 years (phpBB was released in 2000, SMF that is used on Bitcointalk was released in 2003). The forum software will be open-sourced and released soon. You will find the following features on the new forum of interest:
3. We have have been working hard in the background on the codebase, and the following additions are available in the source repository:
4. The Monero Research Lab is glad to release a new Research Bulletin, MRL-0003, entitled "Monero is Not That Mysterious". In it, the Monero ring signatures are broken down and analysed both cryptographically and mathematically. In conjunction with that, we are happy to announce the release of MiniNero, a Python implementation of the Monero ring signatures. This is a very basic reimplementation that produces valid ring signatures that are nearly Monero compatible, although slight differences occur due to the hashing and packing algorithms. You can find the MiniNero source code on Github: https://github.com/monero-project/mininero
5. Monero has been added to the Cryptsy voting list, and within a few short days it has shot up to number 2 on the voting list. Thanks to all that have voted and continue to vote!
Dev Diary
Core: file checkpointing. This is in the form of a checkpoints.json file added to the config_folder. This file is checked every 10 minutes, and new checkpoints are always enforced (it is assumed that if an attacker has write access to your config_folder they can just modify your blockchain without needing to do anything else). At its simplest, the file follows this format:
{ "hashlines": [{ "hash": "7cb10e29d67e1c069e6e11b17d30b809724255fee2f6868dc14cfc6ed44dfb25", "height": 22231 },{ "hash": "bbd604d2ba11ba27935e006ed39c9bfdd99b76bf4a50654bc1e1e61217962698", "height": 202612 }] } 
Core: DNS checkpointing. This scans TXT records on the domains checkpoints.moneropulse.net/org/se/co every hour and, unless an enforce flag is set, notifies the user where checkpoints do not match. The records are all DNSSEC secured, although there is still some work to be done to provide cross-platform root trust anchors.
Build: the build system is a little precarious at the moment. We are working hard on improving it so that builds are easier and less problematic. Our focus is always on making sure the that "usual" dynamic build works, and static builds are thus a secondary concern. At this stage, static builds require a bit of massaging that we hope to have sorted out by the next tagged release.
Core: dga has kindly spend some time annotating and documenting the PoW algorithm in code. If you are working with the PoW algorithm you may find his notes in slow_hash.c to be extremely useful and revealing.
Until next week!
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[WTS] Razer mechanical keyboard and mouse

Hey! I recently bought 2 Razer products that I don't think are a good fit for me in the end. The products are barely used (less than one hour) and really just tucked back to their original boxes.
  1. Razer Blackwidow (Cherry MX Blue) — bought 103€, selling at 93€
  2. Razer Imperator — bought 63€, selling at 53€
If you buy both, I'm giving them at 136€.
The prices will be converted to bitcoin at the time of purchase. I'm based in Europe/Greece but I can ship anywhere in the world if you cover the shipping costs.
Thanks for stopping by.
My GPG fingerprint/OTC ratings can be found here.
Edit: I've uploaded pictures here.
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Want to buy or sell #bitcoins from/to a trustworthy trader?

Hello folks,
I am VEscudero, a reputable professional Bitcoin trader that buy and sell Bitcoins providing liquidity to the market for a small fee. I accept cash, domestic bank transfers in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, Neteller, Liberty Reserve, Halcash and Ukash amongst a bunch of other options.
Here I put some of references so can run a background check on my reputation:
I am a CAcert assurer and I have nothing to hide. Reputation and trust are of utmost importance in my day-to-day job as well as in my personal life so you can be sure you are going to deal with one of the best traders out there in the bitcoinland.
If you are interested in buying or selling bitcoins, send me an email to [email protected].
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GPG Contracts and the #bitcoin-otc web of trust Binance Trading OTC Italia Blockchain Legale TON Lancio a Marzo TG Crypto ⚠️ POLÉMICA sobre BITCOIN - Noticias y Actualidad 09.07.2020 con Bit2Me Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency OTC Orders Explained - Part 1 ... Daily Update Bitcoin  What The Technical Analysis ...

Using a service such as Bitcoin OTC or CoinTouch, you can find friends of friends that trade crypto currency, and trade with them directly. Remember to verify the counterparty using more than one means of contact (e.g. Facebook message and phone call) Bitcoin-OTC . The Bitcoin OTC acts as a secure 'Address Book' within the bitcoin community. Registered user GPG keys. Disclaimers. #bitcoin-otc is merely an aggregator of outstanding supply and demand. All transactions that may occur are conducted directly between counterparties, without any participation or intermediation from #bitcoin-otc. As such, it is each individual's responsibility to conduct due diligence on their ... This page is deprecated. GPG keys can now be registered directly with the bot. See GPG authentication instructions, and list of registered gpg keys.. This page lists the GPG keys for known #bitcoin-otc users. If you want to add your key to this page, talk to nanotube on channel. #bitcoin-otc gpg key data []. id nick registered at (UTC) keyid fingerprint bitcoinaddress last authed at (UTC) Using a service such as Bitcoin OTC or CoinTouch, you can find friends of friends that trade crypto currency, and trade with them directly. Remember to verify the counterparty using more than one means of contact (e.g. Facebook message and phone call) Bitcoin-OTC. The Bitcoin OTC acts as a secure 'Address Book' within the bitcoin community.

[index] [27817] [5065] [22498] [5462] [29811] [31188] [23698] [26879] [7479] [2900]

GPG Contracts and the #bitcoin-otc web of trust

https://bitvalex.com/trade/over-the-counter-trade-otc The Bitvalex OTC trading desk can arrange the purchase or sale of large volumes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, B... Conoce las #POLÉMICAS sobre #BITCOIN , entre ellas debatimos sobre las actividades ilegales, evasión de impuestos, la Minería Bitcoin, la Darknet... De la mano de nuestros expertos Giovanny ... After registering and setting up GPG, this is how you can use it in windows on a regular basis. ... Bitcoin-OTC Setup Guide for Windows - Duration: 14:24. johnmaguire2013 7,956 views. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Electrum Bitcoin Wallet - Versatile and Feature Rich - Duration: 18:16. BTC Sessions 11,406 views. 18:16. GPG (Partie 1) - Créer une paire de clef GPG/PGP - Duration: 45:14.