Best Bitcoin Voucher Card Codes Newnest 2020

Impulse Staff

Does anyone know when impulse staff are online because i've submitted payment 30 hours ago and have been waiting for staff support to come online for about 6 hours but i've had no response from them regarding my download.
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Due to popular demand, I revived
It's a website where you can create redeemable voucher codes in large quantities and deposit the value in one lump sum.
Unlike a similar service called NanoMate, there's no email address involved, no captcha, much shorter redeem links, human readable codes, a live preview, no fees, customizable text, auto refunds for unclaimed funds, and you can create multiple vouchers of various amounts at once.
There are 3 ways to give away NANO with these vouchers:
Therefore it's compatible with literally any messaging service and all social media, but most of all you can give them away offline. All without the risk of burning funds because the funds are not held on actual paperwallets. The recipient is urged to create a nano wallet on their own. The expiration deadline serves as a motivator to not slack on finances.
They will have to learn how to create a wallet and how to paste their address. It's like an invite-only faucet where the payouts are worth more a little more, so it's an actual incentive to look into crypto. By having them create a wallet and give them the experience of receiving funds, they won't ever want to deal with slow crypto.
I deliberately chose not to include dollar value anywhere. That might change in the distant future. It's still a proof of concept for now. The service comes under absolutely no warranty. There certainly is a lot of improvement potential. If you want a custom redeem site, i might create one for you.
Links to other, similar services (in action: )
Some of them even sell it
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Bitcoin Gift

Hello I am new to Bitcoin and I'm curious if there is such thing as a Bitcoin gift card that is easy to purchase and be able to used in the same day.
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Do not Use COINME/Coinstar kiosk!

I'm trying to help a disabled friend find her money that she put in this kiosk $1,000USD, I have her voucher and account access and when going to redeem it into her bitcoin wallet it says the redeem code is locked.
I have been trying to contact customer service for 5 days now back and forth with them and all they did was ask for a number to reach me, they wont give a reason or answer a simple question, I can see when they read my messages on the chat box on their site (no calls due to covid) but they ignore me and have probably just taken the money. I am pretty sure this site is a SCAM now from this experience and what I have read around the web, DO NOT USE COINME.
I am pissed off and its not even my money.
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Is anyone using Monero for actual transactions at the moment?

I found this statistics:
Which shows that Monero's price is the highest relative to number of transactions. Why does it seem like nobody is using it? At least people should have used it at places like marketplaces for drugs and such, shouldn't they?
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List of bitcoin person-to-person (P2P) bitcoin exchanges (e.g., Bisq, HodlHodl, LocalCoinSwap, etc.)

Following is a list of P2P exchanges for trading Bitcoin. Common payment methods include bank transfer, cash deposited in the seller's bank account, in-person cash (face-to-face) trades as well as payment networks such as Zelle, Alipay, even Cash App and PayPal, for example.
Any that I am missing?
Altcoin-only P2P Trading exchanges
AggregatoSearch and Helper Sites
Note: If you use one of the above P2P OTC trade "matchmaking" services, please trade with caution and do your own due diligence.
This list does not include exchanges not in English (e.g., 58Coin), deserted or defunct marketplaces (e.g., Cancoin, and Rahakott), not-yet launched (e.g., OTCBoss, and DAIHard), ones that operate only through dark markets, or online-only DEX/decentralized exchanges (another list of DEXes).
Also, there are a number of variants that I didn't list:
Otherwise, there are a number of other exchanges — with varying attributes. We recommended trying to stick with No-KYC exchanges, including most of the ones listed on:
Additions, corrections, and other feedback welcome and can be submitted as an issue or pull request on GitHub, or via e-mail.
[Note: There is also a corresponding post on Medium with this information as well.]
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Liquid CAD: Canadian dollar payments on the Liquid Sidechain

Hello fellow Canadian bitcoiners or bitcoinca! You will find below all the information related to the launch of Liquid CAD and Bull Bitcoin's Liquid Bitcoin integration. I'll be checking comments here to answer your questions! I'm also posting some comments on my announcement tweet here:\_/status/1245758698120605697?s=20

Making the Canadian Dollar Bleed Into Bitcoin

Building the infrastructure for the Bitcoin Standard in Canada before the collapse of fiat currencies is the critical mission objective that drives innovation at Bull Bitcoin.
We are very excited to announce an important milestone in fulfilling this duty: the public release of Liquid CAD, our newest product designed to accelerate and facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin.
Liquid CAD is a non-custodial prepaid payment system denominated in Canadian dollars. Units of Liquid CAD (L-CAD) consist of vouchers issued on the Liquid Network as confidential bearer assets that can be transacted peer-to-peer using a Liquid wallet.
Users acquire Liquid CAD by withdrawing their account balance out of Bull Bitcoin, by purchasing Liquid CAD with Bitcoin on Bull Bitcoin, by using the Liquid CAD withdrawal method on other Bitcoin liquidity providers such as Aquanow or by accepting L-CAD as method of payment.
L-CAD assets can only be redeemed for Bitcoin. They cannot be redeemed for a fiat currency payment.
Liquid CAD is a unique project rethinking the concept of fiat-pegged assets, avoiding the banking business model of “fiatcoin” (aka stablecoins) in favor of a prepaid payments model entirely centred around Bitcoin on-ramp and off-ramp. Liquid CAD is not a currency, nor is it a security: it is a prepaid card.
Importantly, the business model of Liquid CAD is not to collect interest on funds in our custody, unlike fiatcoins, but rather to drive the sales of Bitcoin from which we derive our revenue and we benefit from Liquid CAD assets being cashed out and thus removed from our balance sheet. Bull Bitcoin does not get any revenue from interest.
Every time an L-CAD token is purchased by a user, the amount of dollars deposited on Bull Bitcoin is guaranteed to one day be used by someone to purchase Bitcoin. It’s a one-way street: once a unit of fiat is tokenized as L-CAD, it’s never going back to its off-chain fiat form and will ultimately result in a buy order on a Bitcoin trading platform.
The Liquid CAD logo is a drop of blood because our objective is to accelerate “fiat bleed”, a phenomenon best described by Pierre Rochard in his magnificent essay Speculative Attack:
“Bitcoin will not be eagerly adopted by the mainstream, it will be forced upon them. Forced, as in “compelled by economic reality”. People will be forced to pay with bitcoins, not because of ‘the technology’, but because no one will accept their worthless fiat for payments. Contrary to popular belief, good money drives out bad. This “driving out” has started as a small fiat bleed. It will rapidly escalate into Class IV hemorrhaging due to speculative attacks on weak fiat currencies. The end result will be hyperbitcoinization, i.e. “your money is no good here. Bitcoins are not just good money, they are the best money. The Bitcoin network has the best monetary policy and the best brand. We should therefore expect that bitcoins will drive out bad, weak currencies. My own prediction is that slow bleed has been accelerating and is only the first step. The second step will be speculative attacks that use bitcoins as a platform. The third and final step will be hyperbitcoinization.”
Different representations of Canadian dollars compete to be used as payment methods (cash, bank balances, PayPal balances, closed-loop prepaid cards, open-loop prepaid cards, etc.) and that the winner will be the one that has the best Bitcoin saleability, i.e. which can be most easily sold for Bitcoin at a moment’s notice.
We’re very proud to provide this alternative payment method to Canadians in a time where the banking system is falling deeper into crisis, especially as the Canadian dollar is demonstrating itself to be one of the most pointless and weakest currencies that nobody really wants to hold.
Finally, we’re very happy to be partnering with Aquanow, our recommended institutional liquidity provider for high-volume BTC-CAD trading. They will accept Liquid CAD deposits and withdrawals as being interchangeable with Canadian dollars. We hope that Liquid CAD will become the standard representation of Canadian dollar value among Canadian Bitcoin users.

Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) integration

In addition to Liquid CAD, Bull Bitcoin is also announcing that Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) payments are now supported interchangeably with Bitcoin transactions for all Bull Bitcoin services. This means that our users can buy, sell and spend L-BTC instead of BTC.
Canadian Bitcoin traders can purchase L-BTC from and fund their international trading accounts with L-BTC using ultra fast and cheap confidential transactions. They can also cash-out their Bitcoin balance as L-BTC from these platforms and sell those L-BTC for fiat on, avoiding risky and expensive international wire transfers to unknown and untrusted foreign banks.
The transactional benefits of L-BTC are very potent:
Disclaimer: Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) is not the same as Bitcoin (BTC). L-BTC Liquid Network assets are IOUs for Bitcoin held in a multisignature contract by the Liquid Network federation. The custody of the underlying Bitcoin is managed by a decentralized network of 15 members which process transactions and withdrawals from the multisignature contract according to the Liquid Federation protocol rules.

Liquid CAD detailed overview

Peer-to-peer prepaid payments by Bull Bitcoin

Liquid CAD is a non-custodial prepaid payment system denominated in Canadian dollars. Units of Liquid CAD (L-CAD) consist of vouchers issued on the Liquid Network as confidential bearer assets that can be transacted peer-to-peer using a Liquid wallet. Users acquire Liquid CAD by withdrawing their account balance out of the Bull Bitcoin, by purchasing Liquid CAD with Bitcoin on Bull Bitcoin, by using the Liquid CAD withdrawal method on other Bitcoin liquidity providers such as Aquanow or by accepting L-CAD as method of payment.

A new payment method in Canada

Liquid CAD can be used by anyone to send and receive payments denominated in Canadian dollars. Because of the permissionless nature of the Liquid Network, Bull Bitcoin cannot prevent Liquid CAD from being traded on secondary markets. Merchants, individuals and institutions must accept that only Bull Bitcoin can guarantee redemption of the L-CAD and that this redemption will be exclusively paid out in Bitcoin. Accepting Liquid CAD as payment is, in effect, the same as accepting gift cards as payment. However, Bitcoin being the most liquid commodity on the market, it can be transformed into any other currency easily for example using services such a Bylls which allow Canadians to pay all their utility bills, send bank transfers to third parties or sell Bitcoin to their bank account.

Making Canadian dollars bleed into Bitcoin

The purpose of Liquid CAD is to facilitate the transfer fiat in the context of the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and providing innovative new services that help Bitcoin users hedge the value of Canadian dollars against Bitcoin in the context of their commercial transactions. Our goal is to create a payment method that is specifically targeting Bitcoin users that wish to liquidate Canadian dollar payments for Bitcoin. Our mission is to accelerate the phenomenon known as “fiat bleed” whereby Canadians will gradually abandon inferior money (such as the Canadian dollar) for the superior Bitcoin alternative. Every Liquid CAD issued will ultimately be exchanged into Bitcoin. We are excited for the day Liquid CAD will be made obsolete by the inevitable hyperbitcoinization of the Canadian economy.

Regulation: is Liquid CAD a stablecoin?

Liquid CAD is not a general-purpose “stablecoin”. It is a closed-loop Bitcoin prepaid card. It can exclusively be redeemed for Bitcoin on the Bull Bitcoin platform (or at affiliated merchants). Bull Bitcoin is the only counterparty, and it cannot be redeemed for a canadian dollar payment. It is substantively the same as Canadian Tire money. Unlike stablecoins, Bull Bitcoin makes money with L-CAD by driving the sales of Bitcoin on its platform, and doesn’t collect interest on the deposits of Liquid CAD users.
The purchase of Liquid CAD with Canadian dollars is regulated in the Province of Quebec as a prepaid card under the Consumer Protection Act and the Regulation respecting the application of the Consumer Protection Act Consumer Protection Act which define a prepaid card as “a certificate, card or other medium of exchange that is paid in advance and allows the consumer to acquire goods or services from one or more merchants”.
The purchase of Bitcoin using Liquid CAD is regulated in Canada by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (S.C. 2000, c. 17).

Counterparty risk

Like all other closed-loop prepaid instruments, Liquid CAD has counterparty risk. The owners are trusting that they will eventually be able to use Liquid CAD as a payment method on the Bull Bitcoin platform to fund their account and purchase Bitcoin. When a Bull Bitcoin user withdraws his Bull Bitcoin account balance as an L-CAD token, the Canadian dollars he used to fund this balance remains in our possession in the same manner as regular Bull Bitcoin vouchers. These funds are used to execute Bitcoin purchases when L-CAD owners decide to redeem their L-CAD for Bitcoin. In essence, each L-CAD is “backed” by the Canadian dollar deposit of the user that withdraws it from the platform in the first place.

Benefits of using and accepting Liquid CAD for payments

Irreversible, non-custodial and no bank required

Liquid CAD payments cannot be charged back, cancelled, delayed or frozen. There is no intermediary between the sender and the recipient. It is a bearer asset: whoever owns the keys owns the coins. It is a perfect way to accept payments or transact securely without depending on banks and payment processors. Canadians can use Liquid CAD to purchase Bitcoin and then use to pay billers, personal payees or simply sell Bitcoin to their bank account.

Fast transaction and cheap fees

Liquid Network transactions are sent and received instantly and require 1 minute for settlement. Transaction fees paid using Liquid Bitcoin can be as low as 300 satoshis per transaction (a few cents). In order to benefit from these cheap fees, make sure to download the latest version of the Elements software and ensure that the minimum transaction fee is set at 100 satoshis per kilobye. It only takes a few minutes to set up a free Liquid Network wallet, such a Green Wallet by blockstream.

Confidential transactions

Unlike Bitcoin, transactions between the sender and the recipient are encrypted. It is impossible for third parties observing Liquid CAD transactions on a block explorer to determine the amount of the transaction. In addition, it’s also impossible to even know you are using Liquid CAD, since the data identifying the asset itself is also encrypted!

What are the use-cases of Liquid CAD?

Buying and selling Bitcoin

The primary use-case of Liquid CAD is to make it easier to buy and sell Bitcoin on the Bull Bitcoin platform. By withdrawing their balance from Bull Bitcoin, users are reducing some (but not all) of the custody risk associated with keeping fiat currency on an exchange. For example, use Liquid CAD to create your own non-custodial dollar-cost-averaging schedule!

Onboarding new Bitcoin users

New users can be overwhelmed by the experience of dealing with banks to buy Bitcoin (and the heavier KYC process of account funding). You may be tempted to buy Bitcoin for them, but that will impose a lot of burdens on you. It’s much easier to set them up with a Green wallet, send them Liquid CAD and show them how to use Bull Bitcoin! They decide when is the right time for them to invest, with a lower KYC burden.

Hedging Bitcoin price

You may believe the price of Bitcoin will go down in the short term, but you still want to hold Bitcoin in the long term. Normally you have two options: short the Bitcoin price (very risky!) or sell your Bitcoin and receive Canadian dollars in your bank account (inconvenient!). By selling your Bitcoin for Liquid CAD, you can lock in the value of Bitcoin right now and buy them back later without needing to use your bank account or taking risks with leverage.

Accepting payments

As a merchant, you want to receive the settlement of payments in Bitcoin. But this imposes a burden on your customers, which have to deal with the Bitcoin price volatility when they are paying you. Ask your clients to pay you with Liquid CAD, and you can get the settlement with Bitcoin on your own terms.

Payroll and suppliers

What if your staff or suppliers want to get paid in Bitcoin? It can be very difficult, because this means you are effectively buying Bitcoin on their behalf. Instead, you can pay them in Liquid CAD and let them deal with the process of choosing the exchange rate and using their own wallet. Let them deal with the tax burden, exchange rates and Bitcoin wallet security.

List of Bull Bitcoin Liquid Network features

Withdraw account balance as L-CAD

This is conceptually the same as “buying” Liquid CAD with your account balance. We call it “Withdrawing L-CAD” because on the Bull Bitcoin platform, we consider L-CAD and CAD to be interchangeable and fungible.

Fund account balance with L-CAD

To redeem Liquid CAD for Bitcoin, users need to first fund their account by selecting the “Deposit L-CAD” payment method. Bull Bitcoin users must always fund their account first before buying Bitcoin, and then purchase Bitcoin with their account balances. Reminder: account balances cannot be withdraw as fiat payments, but can later be withdrawn again as L-CAD.

Sell Bitcoin for L-CAD

You can sell Bitcoin and receive Liquid CAD payments instead of a bill payment, personal payee payment or bank payment. As soon as the Bitcoin transaction is confirmed, the Liquid CAD transaction is sent to the address you provided.

Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and Bitcoin interchangeability

For every service which involves a Bitcoin payment, the user can substitute traditional Bitcoin payments for Liquid Bitcoin payments. This includes:
Original medium post:
Official landing page:
Application page:
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Sell Bitcoins

Hi everyone,
Today I brought a bitcoin voucher and was planning on using it to buy something.
But I accidentally redeemed the voucher, so is it possible for me to sell the bitcoins and get some of the money back, and if it is possible what website do you recommend? By the way I can't buy the thing I wan't to buy because I redeemed the voucher.
PS. we are talking about a amount of bitcoins equal to 25 euro.
I have my money in a bitcoin wallet called Electrum.
Thanks in advance.
Will give a award to the best answer.
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Sending BTC straight to the Empire market.

I want to buy Bitcoin using When I redeem a Bitcoin voucher do I send it to my BTC wallet or can I send it straight to my empire market account wallet? Is it safe?
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List of Physical Stores where you can Buy or Sell bitcoin

There are a number of foreign currency exchanges and other places where there's a "storefront"/branch and an actual teller or other staff where you can just walk up and do a bitcoin buy and/or sell. But I don't think there's ever been a list of them compiled. Lots of location discoveries get shared on social media, like this one, bu there is just no comprehensive list anywhere. So that's what I'ld like to do here. If you know of a location please comment with the name or some details.
Physical stores and Trading Spaces
Europe, Middle East, and Africa:
North America:
Vouchers (retail)
Gift Cards
Hardware wallet sales locations (Note: It's always more secure to buy direct from the manufacturer)
There are also over-the counter (OTC) traders, who may or may not have a fixed location, but are not considered to be "physical stores":
Please share your additions, corrections, or comments.
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MKR Holder DAI-gest: Week 7, 2020

MKR Holder DAI-gest: Week 7, 2020

Governance Recap Week Ending February 15, 2020


DAI Digits (Statistics)

We're DAI-ing to Meet You: Explore MakerDAO

At first glance, DAI and MakerDAO are a lot of acronyms and lingo that can be slightly intimidating. Anyone can become informed and participate. Dive in as much or as little as you want. Learn to buy, save, or beyond. The secret to knowing DAI (or faking it until finding an answer) is found in the Awesome MakerDAO Community Resource Guide.
Still have questions? Want to get involved? Visit the MakerDAO Community Forum and ask. The community is made of interested people like yourself, and Community Leaders from MakerDAO. Share your skills in growing the MakerDAO Community, no experience necessary. The MakerDAO culture is very warm, welcoming, and ready to help. We would love to meet you!

Governance News


The following polls ran from February 10 - 13, 2020 with voting results identical to the current set values, therefore they were not part of the Executive Vote this week. Follow the link for more details:

Recent and Current Executive Votes

Executive Vote: Activate the Sai Debt Ceiling Adjustment and Suspend Monetary Policy Votes for Technical Fixes

Current Ruling Executive: Voting Open

Executive Vote: Activated the Savings Rate Spread and the Sai and DAI Stability Fee Adjustments

Executed on February 4, 2020

Weekly Governance and Risk Meeting, Ep. 73 February 13, 2020

You are invited to join us and help shape the future of MakerDAO. Every Thursday, 17:00 UTC
Governance and Risk Meeting Community Guide * Understand the issues that are discussed and governance themes that get explored to build a healthy, secure, Maker Platform. * Get info on how to connect by phone or webcam. * Explore meeting archives.

DAI News and Info

MakerDAO is one of the newcomers to be listed on the prestigious Forbes Fintech 50 list.

Upcoming Events

How to Purchase DAI with Cash in the U.S. (No Bank Account, Credit Card, or Debit Card Required)

Maybe you have visited the coinstar machine in the grocery store when cashing in your stockpiles of change, or just seen them when checking out. These kiosks now offer the ability to buy Bitcoin with cash. You can easily turn that into DAI and lock in an amazing savings rate on the Oasis DeFi platform by MakerDAO.
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[H] Voucher Code for Borderlands 3 OR Ghost Recon Breakpoint [W] 20€ PayPal, Bitcoin, OSRS gold

First time here. I got a voucher with my RX 580, am not using it however and it must be redeemed before the 30th.
Breakpoint is currently on sale and I just wanna get this thing sold off so let's just say 20€. I have a bitcoin wallet, paypal account and also play a bit of OS RuneScape.
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I want to return 1% of my daily sales back to my customers in Bitcoin. Is there a easy way to do it?

I have in mind to offer my customers a voucher that they can use to redeem their bitcoin from our website.
Is there anything opensource that I can start with?
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I bought some Bitcoin at a Coinstar kiosk

For those who don't know, Coinstar kiosks are those machines available in a lot of grocery stores in the US (e.g. Safeway), and recently, they added support to exchange cash for Bitcoin:

I wanted to try it to see what it entails, here's what you need to do:
  1. Insert bills in the machine
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. You get a voucher to redeem your coins
  4. Go to to redeem your voucher
  5. Fill in your email, phone, fullname and code
  6. You then need to verify your identity (powered by onfido). You can either use your passport, driver license, or ID.
  7. You are asked to take a selfie
  8. Verification happens under 5mins (Machile learning?) and you are asked to create a wallet on
  9. Once you've created your wallet, it asks for the PIN and the bitcoins are transferred to your wallet.
  10. From there, you can receive and send your Bitcoins.
The cost was:
I'm not judging, the more ways to onboard FIAT into Bitcoin, the better, I guess it's competitive with regular ATMs, but the KYC is kind of annoying the first time you use it.
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Why Do You Need to Buy Bitcoin Crypto Voucher or Gift cards?

Why Do You Need to Buy Bitcoin Crypto Voucher or Gift cards?
Bitcoin Vouchers are a simple way to buy bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency. It is one of the easiest ways to hold the bitcoin and can be redeemed at any time when you find the desired exchange rate. Due to the decentralized nature and security feature, the mechanism is rapid.
There is a push in the global economy for the use of digital currencies such as bitcoin. The world is moving towards a paperless economy. Over the last couple of years, the digital market has gained value in the public eye. There is increasing familiarity with the pace of rising of the cryptocurrency in the digital market. Cryptocurrencies are digital money or digital cash encrypted and created as coins or tokens. It is monitored by a peer to peer connection and is free from government intervention. These use a string of data encrypted with a specified unit of currency.

Bitcoin popularly called as BTC is the first-ever cryptocurrency introduced in 2009. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology and cryptography techniques to safely and securely maintain the transaction online. It is one of the most popularly used cryptocurrencies globally. The blockchain technology used in bitcoin manages the database that records all the transactions. There is no central authority and the bitcoin is managed over the network using peer-to-peer technology.
Recently major companies and banks globally have started investing in bitcoin. This has enabled companies to change the way they look at digital currency and transactions.
You can buy Bitcoin Voucher Gift Card 10 eur key at These are the easiest and convenient way to invest in bitcoin. They have a very low transaction fee and provide a completely secure method to make transactions. Once you obtain the voucher, you will receive a code to activate the voucher card within the stated time period. The Bitcoin Gift Card 10 EUR is redeemable to the bitcoin wallet easily and quickly. You need to activate the serial code at the website and the equivalent amount of currency will be transferred to your bitcoin wallet linked with the voucher.
The easiest way to buy cryptocurrency is to use an easy and quick method of Crypto Voucher. Bitcoin voucher 25 EUR key can be used to redeem bitcoin from a gift card. It is the easiest way to get bitcoins. All you have to do is buy the voucher from by entering the details required and enter the alphanumeric code and pick the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. You can redeem the voucher anytime within the specified period and get the exchange value of the bitcoin to the linked bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin vouchers gift cards can also be used as a present. There are available at as low as 10 euro and 25 euro. This is an easy way as people may or may not know how bitcoin works but they surely know how to use and redeem a gift card.
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Payment options for Canadian performers and sellers

So this question comes up a lot and I thought it was worth making a separate post about it to try and get all the information in one place. While there are many great resources on the various camming and selling subreddits regarding payment options, none of them are specific to Canadian sellers as far as I know. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with those, though, because they have information about the safety of your money and your identity/privacy when using each service.
Transparency Statement
Apps and services I have personally used will be indicated within. I also want to note that I was given a $10 Polyalpha gift card by a fellow Redditor and seller for a chance to try the service (it was a public offer given in a comment thread). I do not anticipate bias because of this, but it has given me information about the service that I would not have otherwise had.
This post is for information purposes only and nothing I say should be construed as an endorsement. Similarly, the focus of this post is on payment options for Canadian models. There are a lot more things to consider as you do your research, so please keep in mind that this is not intended to be a comprehensive resource and take the time to double-check how each works when it comes to personal safety and anonymity in particular.
I have broken this down into two tables – one for third-party apps that Canadians can use to receive direct payment from individual buyers, and one that gives the lowdown on getting paid from various content/cam sites. Note that many of the options in Table 2 are also payment processors or can be used as such.
Table 1. Third-party apps for receiving direct payment.
>>Options in bold require that you have a US-based checking account<< See next section for more information.

Service Currency options for receiving payment Payment options for buyers Withdrawal procedure Fees Notes Source
Paxum EUR, GBP, USD Must have Paxum Prepaid card; to US bank account $0.25/transaction Poor quality info online; nonexistent customer service Personal experience and
Shakepay Bitcoin, Ethereum BTC, ETH, PolyAlpha Convert to CAD within the app and etransfer it to yourself None from Shakepay but may be bank fees By far the most painless sign-up experience I've had -Personal experience and
Payza 24 others besides CAD Must have Payza; can load from debit or CC Convert to CAD in-app -> bank transfer, Payza card, or BTC Free I have not used this - all info from website
eTransfer CAD CAD via email or text None required Varies by bank and account type Only safe option here is to use a dedicated and separate email. I don't know if it would work using a number from Burner or Text Plus Personal experience: When you receive money, the name associated with your bank acct isn't visible to the sender
PolyAlpha Bitcoin via gift voucher USD using PayPal or CashApp (see notes) Bitcoin wallet Currently around 18% and decreasing a) I used Shakepay to receive BTC because it can convert to CAD in-app Personal experience, Reddit, and (scroll to bottom -> Gift Vouchers -> "buy" or "redeem")
GiftRocket USD USD or merchant gift card via CC Direct deposit to US account; gift card Buyer pays $2 + 5% of value a) I have not used this – all info from website b) Gift cards avail. for specific places – see website
Table 1 Notes
Opening a US Checking Account
To my knowledge, TD and RBC are the only banks where this is possible. In order to take advantage of the payment options I’ve identified in bold in Table 1 and Table 2, it is imperative that you open a US-based checking account and not just a USD account through your home branch. The difference is that a US-based checking account is tied to a branch that has a physical location in the US.
I opened mine through RBC and it was relatively painless. I opened a Canadian checking account online but had to go to a branch to provide ID verification. This is required in order to open the US account. Next I called them to open the US-based account. You can do this at any branch as well, but I was told that it takes longer to open this way. Over the phone, it was instant. My accounts are linked through my online banking portal and RBC banking app, allowing me to transfer myself money easily and instantly. They also sent me a Visa Debit for my US account, which took about two weeks to arrive.
Table 2. Payment methods for Canadian sellers and performers on various cam/content sites.
I have omitted all instances of wire transfers (because they are slow, expensive, and usually have high payout minimums) and all instances of cheques (because they are slow). I have omitted all mention of ePayments because they no longer accept payments in USD.

Site Direct deposit in CAD? Direct deposit to US account? Other payment options Source
Chaturbate No Yes Paxum
My Free Cams No Yes Paxum, Payoneer
Bonga Cams No Yes Paxum, Crypto (five different ones)
Streamate No Yes Paxum, Payoneer
Stripchat No Yes Paxum
CamSoda No Yes Paxum
IndieBill No Yes None
ManyVids Yes - $30 fee but FREE to deposit to Canadian USD account Yes Paxum
OnlyFans No Yes Paxum Via email b/c info is only available to registered account holders
Clips4Sale No Yes None
iwantclips No Yes None
Table 2 notes
TL;DR Get a US-based bank account, Paxum, and Shakepay.
I am open to questions, comments, and concerns! I would like this resource to be as tight as possible so be sure to let me know if you see any issues or gaps.
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Coinme Coinstar - Review / potential warning

EDIT: 5 mins after i posted this they called me and said that their compliance office cleared me and i was allowed access to my account. Hopefully others that choose to use their service don't have the same experience.

TLDR at the bottom.
Good Morning all,
I figured i'd share my experience with buying bitcoin through coinstar / coinme since i saw a lot of posts on the roll out but no actual details.
The price was better than other bitcoin atms ive used in the past (%4 fee & their rate for bitcoin was 160 over market, other BTMs in my area are 500+ over market & have similar % fees.)

The process of purchasing bitcoin through coinstar was simple and straight forward. It doesn't seem like you will even NEED to understand how to use a wallet to buy and HODL.

The trouble started when i went to redeem the voucher. I was able to submit the KYC pictures of my ID multiple times, but the selfie wouldn't upload (which was weird because when i long held the broken picture place holder i could download my selfie just fine)

Upon speaking with customer service they don't even see a record of my KYC data being submitted & now ill need to wait for their chief compliance officer to call me and manually verify my identity.

I'm forced to wonder if the trouble that they are creating is intentional... if I had only bought $5 or so there is NO WAY i would be going through this much trouble to claim it.

Has anyone else tried Coinme through coinstar? What was your experience.

TLDR: Buying is easy, but you may be SOL when you try to actually redeem the coin.

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The Chimpion Platform

The Chimpion Platform
Dynamics Of The Double-Token
Chimpion (CHIMP) powers our merchant storefronts and e-commerce ecosystem. It is the abundance incentive to locally available merchants in an effort to drive selection. CHIMP will likewise be the base currency denomination in the Chimpion Store, which will feature exclusive apparel product internally, offering gift vouchers from significant retailers and merchants from the Chimpion directory.
Banana Token (NANA) is the reward layer of the Chimpion ecosystem. NANA is earned through purchases from Chimpion merchants utilizing CHIMP or some other cryptocurrency. NANA capacities like focuses on a loyalty card, which can be redeemed for limited time offers, limits, and exclusive items.

Requirements For Coin
Chimpion is hosted on the EOS blockchain utilizing Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). DPoiS, a method invented by Dan Larimer which resolves a large number of the problems seen in Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) systems. In a DPoS system, a technological democracy is created by a network of square producers and staked users that agree to a certain set of rules.
DPoS and PoS are two different protocols; in a PoS system, every wallet that contains coins can participate in process of approving exchanges and framing consensus, in this way the more coins in your wallet, the more coins you will eventually receive. With DPoS system every wallet that contains coins can vote for representatives. These representatives validate exchanges and frame consensus and are paid for their efforts through the system. This kind of removes the trap of PoS, which is that much the same as in PoW, the combination will obviously and
eventually, happen.
*For the dealers, There is access to clients only holding and effectively exchanging cryptographic money
*The platform gives serious backings to improve the search engine optimization SEO
*Interestingly it eradicates and mitigates against chargeback attack and fraud.
*Capitalize on exceptional returns by means of obtaining genuine items, rather than the issues associated with executing coins for Bitcoin, pulling back Bitcoin to a crypto-to-fiat trade, moving it for fiat, and exchanging fiat to their ledger which is cumbersome.
*Exclusive access to vendors anywhere in the globe.
*A brilliant prospect to procure NANA Tokens through exceptional loyalty.

For more insight about the project, please click on the links below: Website:
Bounty0x Username: anddyy

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The only bitcoin ATM remaining in China was intentionally disabled and functions as an ornament

From Google Translate (slightly edited for readability):
"The bitcoin ATM machine [installed for beta testing a week earlier] has been removed."
"Due to policy considerations, [our bitcoin ATM] will not be released again in mainland China."
"This leaves one remaining Bitcoin ATM in China -- Bit China (Shanghai)'s Lamassu machine, which was intentionally disabled after the country issued a virtual currency ban. [It cannot be operated and functions as an ornament.]"
It appears that this bitcoin ATM was a "beta test" machine that does bitcoin vending only. Instead of inserting cash, the customer pays for the purchase using Alipay or WeChat Pay. But the seller of the bitcoin is not the bitcoin ATM operator, the seller is from a P2P marketplace. So the buyer's payment goes directly to the seller. The machine distributes a card with a QR code, which is [either a private key ??, or perhaps a voucher that can be redeemed online and the bitcoins are then withdrawn to the buyer's BitPay wallet].
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Welcome to r/PlayChip, feel free to check our ICO FAQ

Welcome to all our new subscribers, please feel free to review our FAQ. If you have any questions for the mod team don't hesitate to message us.
What is an ICO?
An initial coin offering (ICO) is a means of crowdfunding in crypto assets. A quantity of the crowdfunded asset is allocated to purchasers in the form of Utility Tokens. Utility Tokens offered before an ICO are usually available at a discounted rate to reward early purchasers. These tokens become functional units of currency after the ICO is completed.
What is a Whitepaper?
A document that entails what you need to know about the cryptocurrency before making up your mind if you want to purchase it. This includes commercial, technological and financial details in language that can be understood by someone who is not an expert in the space.
What are Utility Tokens?
Utility Tokens are a crypto asset which is specifically designed to be exchanged for goods and services.
What are cryptocurrency exchanges?
Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies for other digital assets or traditional fiat currencies like USD or AUD.
What is fiat?
Fiat currency refers to standard national currencies in use today for goods and services. USD and AUD are examples of fiat currencies.
What is Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens?
Ethereum is the second largest crypto asset in the world. Ethereum provides a decentralized and open-source architecture for other DAPPs (decentralized applications) to be built upon. The PlayChip is an ERC-20 token, meaning it is built on the Ethereum blockchain.
What is the PlayChip and what can I do with it?
The PlayChip (PLA) is a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The PlayChips’ goal is to become the global currency of the gaming industry, starting with the PlayUp ecosystem and its related gaming businesses. It can be used to place bets and enter challenges, as reward points in the PlayUp store, and can be traded for fiat and other cryptocurrencies via partnered exchanges.
How do I buy PlayChips?
You can purchase PlayChips through the ICO website ( Pre-ICO discount is 50%. We accept payment via USD, AUD, Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).
When will I receive my PlayChips?
Once the PlayChips have been created at the token generation event (ICO) they will be transferred to your wallet.
When is the PlayChip going to be on an exchange?
We are finalising discussions with multiple exchanges and will announce these (prior to the launch of the) after the ICO finishes.
Are PlayChip tokens instantly transferrable?
As with all crypto assets, the PlayChip will be instantly transferrable at the start of the ICO period. Until then, your PlayChips will be stored in your PlayChip account. To login to your account go to
Where will you store my PlayChips?
We will store the amount of PlayChips you have purchased in our account until the start of the ICO when the generation event will occur. Once the tokens are created they will be delivered to the wallet address you have supplied. As the PlayChip is an ERC-20 token, this must be an Ethereum wallet address. If you have not supplied a wallet address you can update this via the ICO website.
How do I keep my PlayChips secure?
Your PlayChips can be stored securely within your PlayUp account, however, should you have any concerns regarding centralisation and prefer to store your PlayChips on a private wallet then you will need a compatible ERC-20 wallet. We recommend metamask ( or Myetherwallet ( and the use of a hardware wallet to secure these accounts.
What is the maximum funding level (hard cap)?
We aim to raise USD $50Million. (Liam’s calculations 24/4 is $141,200,000.)
What is the minimum funding level (soft cap)?
The minimum is USD $3Million. (Liam’s calculations 24/4 is $26,399,000.)
What happens if the minimum is not met?
We have already surpassed the minimum raise. USD$3 million was raised in February 2018.
What affects a Tokens value?
A number of factors can influence the value of each token, including validity of project and business model, market behaviours and day trading. Like anything in the business world, cryptocurrencies can not sustain long term value without a viable business model behind it. Always perform your own due diligence through trusted sources before investing.
How many PlayChips tokens will be created and will more be created later?
The total PlayChips generated will be 100,000,000,000. The circulating supply will be 40,000,000,000, with the remainder to be placed in cold storage.
What is cold storage?
Cold storage refers to an offline wallet controlled by PlayUp. This is to be used to manage future acquisitions and company growth. Funds in controlled storage are strictly controlled and cannot be used without signatures from the CEO, a non-executive director, and a third party nominated by at least 75% of PlayUp’s full time staff.
How to buy and sell PlayChips
Step 1: Purchase your Tokens through the playup ICO website.
Step 2: Send your tokens from the ERC compatible wallet to your account with a partnered exchange. Be sure to send them to the Ethereum wallet address in your exchange account.
Step 3: Sell your tokens for Ethereum (ETH).
Step 4: Convert your Ethereum to another cryptocurrency or fiat.
Which exchanges will my PLA appear on?
You will be able to trade PLA across a number of major exchanges from June 2018. PlayChip ICO
Is there a discount or a bonus during the PlayChip ICO?
During our public seed there is 50% discount on PlayChips ($0.005 per token) and further bonuses for bulk purchases which are outlined on our ICO website. Once the hard cap on the public seed is reached it will be followed by the Pre-ICO stage, which carries a 30% discount.
When will the PlayChip Launch?
We are expecting to launch across multiple exchanges in July 2018, once all tokens have been purchased in the aforementioned stages.
When do the sales start and how long with the sale be open?
Sales have already commenced, you can follow the ICO’s progress on our website.
Why is this a better ICO compared to others?
We are an existing business with a proven business model and existing revenues. We have an established user base with over 450,000 active users ready to utilise our token.
The centralized PlayChip is already in use with a static value of US$0.01, and is redeemable with third party vouchers from affiliates such as Mastercard, Amazon and Coles.
We apply industry leading practices and systems to deliver consumer protection, including “know your customer” (KYC) account verification, underage screening, and “anti-money laundering” (AML). We currently operate a gambling license in Australia, a wagering market recognised as one of the most mature and regulated in the world. As a licensed operator, we will only have to make marginal adjustments to our existing compliance and operational processes to begin operating in any new jurisdiction.
Will there be additional Playchips after the ICO?
An estimated 14.1 billion PlayChips will be sold and disseminated to their owners post-ICO. Any unsold PlayChips will be placed into cold storage.
How will the funds collected during the ICO and pre-ICO be used?
55% marketing
30% technical
6% operations
4% legal and Finance
4% Finance
1% Other
What requirements do I need to meet to take part in the ICO?
We request contributors to verify themselves in compliance with KYC when participating in the ICO. This means confirming your name, phone number, email address and address. Further documentation may be required to complete full KYC.
You will need a compatible ERC wallet in the token generation stage, until then your PlayChips will be stored in the PlayUp user wallet on the PlayUp website.
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Microsoft is even bigger news than you think (IMHO)

There's a subtle consequence of Microsoft adopting Bitcoin which I'm not sure many realise yet; this means under 18s can now buy XBox Live games over the Internet. No going to stores to get cards/vouchers to redeem then use; have Bitcoin, use Bitcoin, get games. Get tipped Dogecoin on Twitch, use Shapeshift Lens to get MS credit and buy games.
Yes, it's still klunky, yes it still needs refinement, but this is a HUGE leap in the right direction.
So; if you're buying anything from MS, please use cryptocurrency to do so, let them know people want this feature. If anyone out there has an XBox dev kit and wants to try looking at payment systems via the console (i.e. show QR code on screen, user scans with mobile device and pays from Android wallet or similar), that would be brilliant too, I'd love to show them what can really be done.
Beyond that, I'll be reaching out to a few companies in similar markets over the next few days, and asking if they need any help adopting cryptocurrencies. I imagine if MS is doing this, many others are too.
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Use envelopes containing Litecoin private keys as cash

Hard-to-fake and tamper-evident envelopes that contain Litecoin private keys can be used as cash and could enable easy adoption of Litecoins. Two versions are proposed: one is easy to use and cheap but less secure; the other is based on smart cards, which offers very high security and convenience and still remains cost effective.


1.1 Description

On the surface of the envelope, there should be some textures like those on dollar notes to prevent it from being faked and the amount of Litecoins contained in the private keys to indicate the value it contains. The technology involved is called Security Printing [1]. The cost of printing one piece can be as low as 0.18 USD [2].
In most cases, you just need to check the appearance of the envelop like you check notes to make sure it is not faked. If you don't trust, you can simply open it and check the private keys.

1.2 Legal Status

Although purchasing from stores using these envelopes could cause legal issues, trading them between fiat money is no different from trading LTC directly and thus should have no problem. Interestingly, in many countries including the U.S, using this as currency can actually be legal [3, 4, 5].

1.3 Discussion

The advantages are: It is cheap. It works like cash and requires no mobile devices in most cases, so it is easy and convenient to use.
While dollars are used to be backed by gold but got changed later, this kind of Litecoin backed envelops are always backed the Litecoins contained inside. Moreover, the fact that those Litecoins can easily be redeemed gives it a big advantage compared with other private currencies like Digital gold currency [5].
Envelopes are just a metaphor. As long as we hide the private keys in a tamper evident way and we use security printing to prevent faked ones and we make them durable and easy to carry, we should be good.


2.1 Description

For higher value ones containing like more than 10 Litecoins, we can create a more secure version using smart cards.
Instead of directly putting the private key of the Litecoins inside the envelope, we put inside the envelope a password and a NFC based smart card containing 1) the private key of the Litecoin, and 2) the private key of the issuing organization. We design the smart card in such a way that to read the private key of the Litecoins from the smart card, you will need the password contained in the envelope, and once the read is finished, the private key of the Litecoins will be automatically destroyed by the smart card immediately. So you cannot read the private key twice from the smart card.
Then, without opening it, we can use a mobile phone to verify that the envelope is indeed produced by the organization because it signs using the issuing organization's private key. Also, we can verify that the smart card indeed contains so much Litecoins because it signs using the private key of the Litecoins.
Also, we can see the envelope and the smart card need to be used together to retrieve the Litecoins. Without the envelope, you lack the password to retrieve the private key from the smart card. Without the smart card, the password inside the envelope is simply useless.

2.2 Discussion

The envelope including the password is required. There are two cases if we use only a smart card without the envelope.
Faking/duplicating the smart card is impossible as you don't have the private key of the organization. Opening the envelope and retrieve the private key of the Litecoins and then put the smart card into a faked envelope will not work as the private key has already been destroyed after you read it, so a mobile phone can verify that easily. And normal envelopes can be used. There is no need for money printing technologies.
For normal paper wallets or the one above, once you verify, they cannot be used anymore as you've already got the private keys. But it is good for small amounts.
Mobile wallets need network connection to send and receive Litecoins. It's good when both you and the receiver have network connection and wallets.
With this, the sender needs no network connection. And the receiver can verify within 2-3 seconds both the amount and the issuing organization if he/she has network connection. If there is no network connection, the receiver can still use a phone to verify whether it is from a trustworthy organization or not. If it is from a trustworthy one, and if the envelope seems OK, the receiver can pretty confidently accept it if the amount is within a few hundreds of dollars.
Many Chinese guys just want to buy Litecoins and store there and wait for the news about Litecoin price. It should be as easy as buying and storing gold. Right now, it's too difficult for them to download a mobile wallet and generate an address. And they have no idea about how to use a wallet securely. What if they lose their phones or reformat their hard disks? Making it physical is important. With this, they just need buy and lock them in their cabinets and forget about it.
Also, it provides absolute anonymity.
The cost of one smart card can be as low as 0.2 USD [6]. So the total cost should be less than 0.18 (security printing) + 0.2 (smart card) = 0.38 USD.


In Section 2, it appears that the issuing organization will have access to all private keys, which thus makes it the single point failure. Actually, it needs not be so. When the smart card is initialised, it randomly generates a password, which can be read out once and written down on the inside of the envelope, then it generates a pair of Litecoin public key and private key itself and keep the private key confidential until someone uses the password to retrieve it, upon which the private key gets destroyed as described in Section 2.
Therefore, during this setup process, no one has access to the Litecoin private key including the issuing organization, and thus this solves the Schrodinger's private key problem.
The organization can still keep the password and thus is able to read out the private key without tampering the envelope. But they need to have physical access to the smart card, which makes the whole process much harder. To make this process even harder, we can use very short range contactless smart cards, so a guy passing by is unlikely to get your private key. As always, you can use your smart phone to check whether it still contains a valid private key or not without opening the envelope or connecting to the Internet within seconds.
In this case, the issuing organization is needed only to make sure the security printing format is standardised and well accepted. It is not convenient to have too many kinds of envelopes.

4. COMPARISON WITH OPENDIME offers a USB based device that has less functionality but much higher cost. Basically, the USB device randomly generates a Bitcoin public/private key pair and the private key is kept secrete until you break the USB device physically. But because it is based on USB, it cannot work with phones conveniently. This is especially inconvenient when you are receiving it but have no computer to verify the Bitcoins inside it.
Please notice that the ideas above shall not be used commercially without a consensus. Thanks.


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How to get a Bitcoin Wallet Address - FREE & in under a ... Bitcoin Paper Wallet Beginners Tutorial - YouTube How To Use A Bitcoin Wallet: Blockstream Green - YouTube How to redeem voucher (tutorial) - YouTube How To Extract Bitcoin From A Paper Wallet - YouTube

The vouchers redeemable for cryptocurrencies allow us to collaborate with other companies that offer them, so that users like you can redeem them on bitnovo website. Our mission is to democratize in a simple and safe way the offer of cryptocurrencies in Europe. After getting your voucher you need, if you still do not have one, a virtual wallet. Flexepin is a pre-paid non-reloadable voucher that's redeemable for instant delivery of Bitcoin on Follow these simple steps to get your Flexepin voucher and redeem it on for Bitcoin, today! Buy a voucher online or in-store at any of the 6,000+ retail locations Canada-wide. Bitcoin Nordic - Accepts redeemable code from CashU cards through that service, which also accepts UKash vouchers. Risks. A redeemable code can be redeemed by any party that knows the code. As a result, the use of this delivery method carries risks. When a trader is sending the code to a trading counterparty, only secure communication methods ... A Bitnovo Voucher is just that! Redeem your voucher code like a prepaid card for over 20 types of cryptocurrency. You don’t even have to leave your home to get your Bitcoin card since it is instantly delivered by email. It is also immediately redeemable on the Bitnovo app or online to your preferred crypto wallet. HashFlare Promo Code 2020 for Redeem Free Bitcoins. VOUCHER (6 days ago) Try our promo code of to redeem bitcoin mining plan at discount price. HashFlare is the provider of highly profitable bitcoin mining hardware. is the part of Hascoins team and was started with the goal to make mining accessible for all the users regardless of technical experience, investment and ...

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How to get a Bitcoin Wallet Address - FREE & in under a ...

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