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What I think about DogeCoin Value

I just thought I'd share my thoughts.

Current Value:

DogeCoin is approximately 1/7076th of a BitCoin, by volume.
If taken directly against BitCoin, with equal market value, Dogecoin would be worth $0.056, and where we're currently at is 1/1769911th of a BitCoin by price.


If BitCoin value rises to where Raoul Paul says, we're looking at a BTC value of $1,000,000 or $100,000 which would have us sitting at $141 or $14 given equal market share (Doge/BTC calculated by Volume), or at our current market share, $0.565, or $0.056 (Doge/BTC calculated by price).


I think we need to close the gap in market share before BitCoin value jumps through the roof because at our current 1/1769911th rate, we'd be worth very little even with BTC appreciation.
By my estimates, we need to improve Dogecoin's value by a factor of 250 to reach the 1/7076th by volume. If we get larger than that, we would be the dominating cryptocurrency.
What do you think?
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